• Partially filled: the moving filler activates stabilizing muscles. Fully filled it’s a regular kettlebell
  • Adjustable weight (1-30 kg): fill it with water, gravel or sand
  • Portable, weighs only 1 kg empty
  • Ergonomical design: doesn’t hurt your wrist and forearm
  • Build strength, endurance, core stability and mobility

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More than just a kettlebell

Waterbell is the next step in the evolution of functional training equipments!

It is a patented fillable kettlebell – the end product of exhaustive research and development to guarantee the perfect training experience for you.

WATERBELL is developed and manufactured in Hungary. Patent Number: U1600173.

Adjustable weight

The Waterbell can be filled with water, sand, gravel or concrete. It weighs 1 kg empty, 13 kg filled with water, 21 kg filled with gravel, 24 kg filled with sand and 30 kg filled with concrete. You can decide what filling material to use and how much of it, based on your needs, so the intensity of your training becomes completely adjustable!


The Waterbell weighs only 1 kg empty so you can easily take it with you, whether you’re travelling or want to train at home. And don’t forget: kettlebell exercises require very little space. The Waterbell is truly a compact portable gym. Train anywhere, any time!


The Waterbell lays optimally against your forearm thanks to its special ergonomic design. This makes every exercise much more comfortable and safe. No need to be afraid of injuries! The handle protects the joints of your wrist and forearm so you can train harder and more efficiently!


The Waterbell is able to recruit the stabilizing muscles and strengthen the joints and ligaments in a completely unique way. As the water or other filling material moves around inside the Waterbell, the center of gravity dynamically changes – this requires more coordination and muscle work, which is something a traditional kettlebell cannot achieve.

When the Waterbell stops, the filler continues to move; this is called the law of inertia in physics. The same thing happens when a car suddenly breaks and the body of its passengers keeps moving forward. Constant moving, changing tension: this is something you haven’t experienced if you have only used solid kettlebells.

Great price

The Waterbell is a complete, portable gym: it’s versatile, easy to pack, easy to fill, doesn’t require much space, it doesn’t rust and due to its durable and strong structure it will last you a lifetime. You can have this trusty, innovative fitness equipment for only!

Who is it for?

Waterbell is perfect for you if…

  • you’d like to develop functional strength that’s useful in everyday life
  • you want every benefit of a kettlebell and much more
  • you want all your workouts to be a real challenge
  • you don’t want to buy a whole kettlebell set but still want to change the weights you’re using
  • you’d like to save money and space
  • you’re looking for a portable training equipment
  • you want high quality for an affordable price

Are you a coach or having a gym?

If you’d like to buy more Waterbells for professional reasons, please contact us for a special offer (info@waterbell.eu).


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Benkovic Barbell

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm


  • Empty: 1 kg
  • Water: 13 kg
  • Gravel: 21 kg
  • Sand: 24 kg
  • Concrete: 30 kg

Warranty: 5 years

We know this is a fitness equipment that will last you for a lifetime. Don’t believe it? We are offering a 5 year full warranty just to prove our faith in this product.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or normal wear and tear resulting from intensive use.

This product is made from the highest quality materials available which makes it very durable. With proper use, it will last you a very long time through your fitness journey.