The Idea

I fell in love with kettlebell training the very first time I tried it. I remember feeling sore all over my body the next day. But even after a few weeks of doing it, I already felt stronger, faster and more athletic. I could feel that this isn’t just for show like bodybuilding, it turns you into a real warrior. It gives you strength and endurance that is useful in all areas of life. It improves not only your body but your mind too. And as a nice „side effect” you get to look like a Spartan soldier.

The kettlebell makes you stronger and faster, both physically and mentally, and also increases your stamina. It not only gives you functional strength that is necessary for everyday life but also makes you look like a Spartan warrior. There’s no reason not to do kettlebell training.

But as I was training more and more with kettlebells, I realized there are some problems with it:

  1. You need a kettlebell at home

    If you’re the type of person who has all kinds of goals in life then you know you don’t always have the time to go to a gym. Work, family, etc. Sometimes you have to train at home. But kettlebells are expensive.

  2. You need more than just one kettlebell – you actually need a LOT

    One kettlebell isn’t enough to train properly. You need different weights for different exercises. But solid kettlebells aren’t adjustable so you need to buy a lot of different ones. And that is a LOT of money.

  3. The round shape hurts your wrist and forearm

    I understand that back in the old days, comfort wasn’t the most important thing in training. But in the 21st century I think it is not a lot to ask for a kettlebell that doesn’t kill your forearm and the joints in your wrist. I want to work my muscles and not cause unnecessary pain for myself.

  4. You need an easily portable kettlebell

    You can’t take kettlebells with you in your gym bag. And having kettlebells in your car is like sitting on a bomb because as soon as you get into an accident or have to brake fast it basically turns into a cannonball. But portability is something we require in this day and age!

  5. You need your own kettlebell

    Yes, there is something hardcore about having the sweat (and/or blood) of the big tough guys of the gym on your kettlebell but I think it would be nice to have my own personal kettlebell.

  6. You need a better kettlebell

    The main goal of kettlebell training is to challenge the functional strength of your body. The bigger the challenges the better your body adapts and the stronger, faster, muscular and leaner you get. If a kettlebell was unstable – so even holding it would require constant work – that would mean more resistance. If the kettlebell was filled with water then the movement of that water inside the kettlebell would recruit more muscles. This constant stabilization – to counter the movement of the water – would make every exercise more effective.

  7. You need a kettlebell that is optimal in size and shape

    The big round kettlebells are simply too big and the small ones don’t lay on top of my shoulders in an optimal way. If the kettlebell is fillable with water then you need capacity for that. And the handle should be a standard one because that works great. If we could somehow solve all four of these problems that would be amazing.

  8. You need a kettlebell with a great price!

    No matter how great a kettlebell is if I can’t afford buying it. So obviously I want a fitness equipment that is awesome AND also has a great price.

The Solution

To summarize, I needed a kettlebell that is:

  • perfect for home use
  • adjustable in weight
  • fillable with water
  • easy on the forearm
  • portable
  • optimally shaped
  • built with a standard handle
  • affordable

It seemed impossible at first glance but a small team got together and after 2 years of hard work, a number of failed trials, lots and lots of digital modeling, advices from kettlebell instructors, research of different materials, 3D printing and a long process of testing, we finally had an equipment that fits all the criteria.

This is the Waterbell.

A fillable kettlebell that can be filled with practially any material. It has a standard handle; it can fit between your legs when you’re doing swings; it lays on top of your shoulder, it doesn’t hurt your forearms, its weight can be adjusted, because of the filling material moving around, it provides constant changing tension, it is portable, durable and affordable.

We use it and we love it. If your goal is to get stronger, more fit and athletic then the innovative Waterbell is the perfect choice for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced trainee.

But you need to train hard and kill your workouts with this too! That’s how it strengthens your body and mind. It is how you get better than you were yesterday.

And we believe that this is what life is about.

Peter Benkovics



We would like to thank every friend, trainer, engineer, partner and technician who was part of the development process. We also thank the Social Renewal Operational Programme for supporting this project with 3 million Forint.


Waterbell is a product developed and manufactured in Hungary.

The Making of the Waterbell